Not one of my typical update posts, but I believe important. First still reeling from the loss of a very amazing human being who apparently took his life this week. So tragic, and sadly what we hoped would be so unnecessary. But my heart and thoughts go out to his wife and his family. I worked on three films he was in.  Robin was brilliant. Utterly brilliant. And I am a push over for laughter. (pushover for a giggle, it’s so embarrassing!) The only person like Robin Williams who could make me Giggle constantly was my brother. Robin was terrific, gentle and no he did not know me but he certainly touched my life. I LOVE LAUGHTER! It is the only medicine in life we truly must have. God Speed Robin, and may God bless and keep you near. We are so saddened by his choice to leave. Too soon, too soon.

On another note this week, as a Puget Sound resident, for those of you who have heard about this diver, I want to concur that he is in fact absolutely accurate in his estimation of the seashore. We have noticed hardly ANY sea life and this is a TRAGEDY of epic proportions. Epic. Please, pay attention to the planet, she needs you. We need awake and aware human beings.

Signing off with a heavy heart.

PLEASE share this video with all. Thanks.