Well, I just wanted to share some information that they are leaving and have two weeks notice (don’t ya hate that!). If you live in this area, please pay attention to signs of unusual movement by the military. If something is up, they are most likely not going to tell you until it’s approaching. Please just pay attention as we don’t want you in a pickle.

Hopefully they are just redecorating……(uh…yeah……)

August 16, 2012: As an update, to date my local contacts have not seen any unusual movement in the area. So, better safe than sorry but I will keep adding any pertinent information. Please note: I am just passing along information which could deem highly beneficial in an emergency. If this information is/or has been inaccurate, don’t shoot the messenger. Again, better to be prepared and not need assistance, then not and need major assistance.

Here’s to Peace on this planet. ;-)