I am currently trying to fix my website. Thank you iweb for discontinuing your product. ;-(

I know, the site had a few quirks, but after a number of web designers who either walked with the deposit or wanted me to buy them a new car for designing my website, I took it upon myself and created the last one. Chief, cook and bottle wash. Sorry, but making an apron for 5 hours and having people look at you like you are crazy for the prices makes me a tad appalled at the 27 hours for building a website for $5,000. Cracks me up side ways and back. I gotta tell ya! So, thanks for your patience as I yet again teach myself some webby tricks to get back  up and running with a bit of a face lift and some better photos. So many projects…..so little time! ;-)

Back at the salt mines we have some gorgeous CUP CAKE APRONS on their way……for all of you who keep asking me. I FINALLY found some darling fabric I know you are gonna love.

Stay Tuned!

Á Bientôt!