I love just about anything Khaki-Jackety-Safari looking. This was so much fun to make and it came together pretty flawlessly.

It’s lightweight…or I suppose you could make it heavier, but I love the lightness with the sleeveless accompanying dress. Cool for this summer’s heat wave….(hurry up and get here!!)

Love my new top!!

One thing: I wasn’t sure about the lace ribbon ties, and ended up making the entire coat without them leaving that seam open until I could decide. Couldn’t decide if I wanted something a little more low maintenance or toggles for a cleaner look.  But as you can see I ended up finding a perfect ropey type trim/ribbon which is more for a khaki type jacket but I love that it made this very casual but still dressy.

One last thing, being tiny-petite I found the toggle tabs really too big and I took about 5/8″ off the ends.

Photos at: http://www.chanteusedesigns.com/kathleen’sblog

Can’t wait to finish the dress!~