Another dress from my Dome show that turned out really well. This dress was a really nice looking, pretty easy and comfortable dress. I had some issues with the lining at the neckline and sleeves. It keeps wanting to crawl out and say hi to everyone which had me pulling it down from the bottom. (A dreadful problem which I hope I found the cure for future situations) There is a cure for this ill,  and it entails making the lining smaller or rather a gather type stitch prior to attaching the lining to the dress.

Other than that the lines matched up magically and the lines are just really pretty. You may not be able to notice it in the photo, since I only did it in one color. The pattern uses two tones, but being petit I have to be careful with how much pattern I use. I would love to make it again using the two tones. And for that I will keep you posted!

Happy Sewing~

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