If you haven’t been paying attention to our dictator, I mean President he just signed more of our rights away. Do you think he can do otherwise? Rather, disagree with what he is told to do? Or do you think he backs this 100%? What will it take now to free this nation?

You have a problem with the government? Well go straight to jail, do not collect 200 dollars, do not get an attorney, do not get a chance to be heard! ARE WE GETTING THIS??? You have been officially declared war on! Yes, YOU and me and our families and our friends!

Please pay attention to what is REALLY going on in your world. This is one of the most outrageous, egregious bill signings to have come down the pike this week. And if you have not been paying attention, there have been MANY others being signed and it is NOT in YOUR FAVOR!!!

I implore you to WAKE UP CITIZENS! We are in serious trouble!!

PLEASE PASS information around about this Bill! We outnumber those who serve injustice! But we have to do this together! We need each other in order to make a difference!

Ignorance is never Bliss!