This is another dress I will make again. And this time I am thinking no sleeves or the long sleeves. I had a small issue with the sleeves or rather I should say “don’t sew after midnight if you have never made the pattern”.  Hence I tended to put them in at a wrong angle! Looks nice from the front, but looks funny from the back because I put them in with the center being matched to the front marking. Yeah, don’t sew after midnight is all I can tell you.

It is really slimming with the two toned, so take advantage of this comfy knit dress. SUPER easy. Great for a beginner. Love the black and white the pattern offers. Now I will be brave enough to try that.

Also, one last tip: the lining rides up in front. So I watched a video on gathering the lining prior to attaching so it will not ride up. Tends to do that a lot.

Happy Sewing

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