YES, It’s too embarrassing AGAIN to say how long ago I started this pattern. I found it in my stash and being a knit dress had to finish it. That was my fear to overcome this year…….Knit fabric.  Yep Knits, and funny timing on the Kathy Ireland pattern. I had no idea what a power house she was. Cover of Forbes, socks, laminate flooring…’s the limit. Well, this pattern was a delight. Will I ever wear it since it’s 10 years old? Very good question! ;-)

This was so fun to make. I have to tell you that it was easy, the knit being interfaced laid down nicely on the front “peek a boo”  and really turned out nice. I notice that I have to play with the fabric to install the zippers. Which seems a bit odd  but it lies down flat if you sew a few inches and then lift up the pressure foot, then continue on a few inches and lift up the pressure foot. At least, that is my experience with getting zippers in knits.

Did I put you to sleep on that one…………zzzzzzzz……zzzzzzzzz……….zzzzzzzzzzzz? Probably! But just sayin!

Photos on website blog:

Happy sewing.