Egg Salad Boats

Egg Salad Boats

You know how some things are good for you and some things, well just a little of it can be good for you. Sorta how I feel about this little summer ditty I came up with. Not having any fresh home made bread this week, I thought this would be perfect. Easy for summer back yard finger food too. And so far, the votes say it’s so!

A lovely egg salad made with smokey paprika, capers, red onions, fresh grown shallots from my garden (can’t take credit they just bloomed!), chopped celery, and a touch of mayo and poupon. Salt and pepper to taste and slide that into some fresh clean lettuce leaves or romaine. It is perfect for an outdoor barbeque and can be made a day ahead and assembled just before your guests arrive.

Put a little Bruce Springsteen “Haight Ashbury” album  on (a classic) and raise a toast to one of our favorite sax players Mr. Clarence Clemmons. May he rest peacefully forever. Thanks for the great music Clarence!

Bon Appétit!