For those of you living in a potentially unsafe area, there are many resources at hand you can help yourself to. Potassium Iodine is recommended, but good luck finding that when you are in an “after the fact” stage. Super Supplements doesn’t even carry it and other health food stores have to order it. Doesn’t that seem odd to you? It did me, but you have many other options which will help you.

Blue Green Algae was used in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster back in April 1986. My dog Happy has been eating kelp for  almost two weeks now. I won’t tell you what the other end of that looks and smells like, but I was surprised when he all of a sudden was devouring it along the shoreline. Why are dogs so smart!?? ;-)

Spirulina and Chlorella are also very good with aiding the body and I have used these in my morning power shakes for decades. Good stuff and easy to get down. My body reacts instantly to these products.

There are also specific products made by Dr. Bill Deagle, his Nutri Defense products are specifically designed to get you on the other side of a melt down. I am sure there are many other products on the market, but I can vouch for this producer. His products are amazingly effective. Nutriodine is a superior product. Here’s the link –

Stay safe, get prepared and I will share my Wheat grass techniques later this week. Another source for chemical fall out protection.

Share yours and keep sending Japan thoughts of love, strength and perserverance!

Japan, we are here for you!

Please note, this photo is from the Australian Radiation Services sent to me by a friend.