Dolly Ruffle

Dolly Ruffle

A lovely customer of mine asked me to make a matching apron for her daughters birthday last month. Now, why hadn’t I attempted this one before? I must have been really distracted but lucky for me I was happy to oblige and lo and behold I came up with a darling new item for all my customers.

Recycle old Files into pattern pieces

Recycle old File Folders into pattern pieces

It was last years Fabmo gathering that I first began my children’s wear items, but only recently began to take it all more creatively down a new path. Delightful little creations for toddlers and children. They are so much fun to make, and I can make so much more of them! What took me so long!? ;-)

Also, for you recycling seamstresses out there, I found a great new (for me) product to help me make my patterns with. My old file folders. They are still durable enough and large enough to make cut out pattern pieces. They are not as fun as the plastic I use for my patterns but for smaller items they are perfect. And who says you have to make tons for it to last. I use chalk or pencil markings for my layouts and it holds nicely.

When making children’s clothes, a lot like dogs clothing, having smaller pattern pieces one has a lot of room to produce so many creations! It reminds me of making doll clothes as a child, though for everyone’s peace of mind, it’s a good thing I have gotten better at it from those days.

Puddles Ruffle

Puddles Ruffle

And remember, recycle everything you possibly can. I bet there are more items in your home and office that can be donated, recycled or reinvented. And shop local, find a way off the grid and stay safe. Our hearts are with Japan as they begin to grasp the devastation of this recent earthquake. Prepare for changing times….

Nine days until Spring is official! Don’t wait much longer to start your veggie garden! Here are some great Heirloom Seed Company’s to get your seeds from:

There are plenty out there! So dive in. Give that compost bin and good flip too!

We put on some jazz music and made some more of that amazing orange and cranberry bread. Then went back to cutting out more cutie putootie aprons for little ones and Leprechauns.

Bon Appétit!