A Super Bowl of Soup

A Super Bowl of Soup

That California weather is making me cringe!! How lucky is that. Though I am not feeling homesick on any level (though technically not home), I have to admit I do miss being WARM. Not that I would trade. Our chilly sunny weekend had such beautiful moments for taking in a run with the dogs. After that however, a super bowl of super soup was indeed on the menu. And boy did I find a nice bread to go with. (BTW, sorry for the lame photos….new camera coming very soon)

Having been newly re-acquainted with my brother Jack’s style of cooking, I have taken it upon myself to make 2011 a year of magical soups. Hey, if you are going to live in a chilly climate, one must take advantage of super soup.

This batch was not as thick as Jack’s Superlative soup, but was just as stellar. A few new changes for this soup. Molasses, yes, molasses. I think it tends to be a better sugar as its denseness tends to retain itself here. Also, I liked the smoked paprika. A VERY nice compliment to this soup. And for once in my life I looked at the onion (my weakness) and didn’t feel like putting it in. Save it for something else, and just used garlic salt. No tears today!

Nothing like a cold weekend for a cup of great soup and some matching corn bread. I have been playing around with corn bread and so curious as to why so many recipes don’t have any corn in them. So, that was a prerequisite. That and a poblano pepper. In both the bread and the soup. The pepper was milder than I had hoped, but was perfect for the soup. The corn was indeed perfect in both. Especially that corn bread should have corn in it!

My Superlative Soup

1 6lb Can Whole tomatoes

1/2 pound carrots sliced

3/4 cup corn

1 medium poblano pepper chopped

1 T Italian spices

2 teaspoons smokey paprika

1/3 cup molasses

3 shakes of tabasco

3 Tablespoons Worcestershire

1 T garlic salt

2 teaspoons pepper

1 squeezed juice of an orange

Stock of your choice chicken or vegetable

Place stock and tomatoes in a large pot. Add all your vegetables. Then add your spices and orange juice. Simmer low for 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Serve at your convenience. Top with fresh herbs like cilantro or fresh thyme.

I like making a huge batch for those busy days when I don’t have time to cook. I freeze small batches so I can effortlessly have an easy quick bowl. But on days like the weekend, start your bread first (if you are making an all day yeast rising bread) and start your soup sometime thereafter. It’s called the weekend for a reason!

On to it’s complimenting side dish.

Corn Smakin Bread

Corn Smackin Bread

Corn Smackin Bread

Dry Ingredients

Dry Ingredients



1 1/2 cups of flour

1 T Baking Powder

1/2 cup corn meal

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup oil

1/2 sugar

2 eggs

1 cup milk

1/4 cup poblano pepper chopped fine

Oil and Eggs

Oil and Eggs

1/2 cup fresh corn

Preheat oven to 350˚ and grease an 8×8 inch square pan or muffin tin or 9″ round as I chose. So simple. Combine dry ingredients (except sugar) and set aside. In medium size bowl add oil and sugar. Beat until incorporated. Next beat in the eggs.  Lastly beat in alternating between the flour mixture and the milk.

Last minute I then threw in chopped pepper and corn. I highly recommend that. This was just wonderful. I had it for breakfast the next day as I was on the run to get things done. Just grabbed a big slice and a glass of milk and was humming along for hours! So, it’s not just for lunch or dinner.

Wonderful combination! Give it a go. And while you’re at it, throw on some Sarah McLachlan.

Bon Appétit!