Water Falls

Water Falls

I don’t like to get too political here, but when it involves your health and safety I feel compelled. Very compelled. Currently there is a bill being FORCED through congress (yes another 1003 pages…for a bill) called the Americas Great Outdoors Act 2010, Senate Bill 303 and it is ANYTHING but that. Senator Harry Reid has connivingly waited until the congress is practically empty to place the bill on the floor. This is deliberate, yet he knows it is effective for his diabolical cause.

Most have not read the whole bill through. Abstracts get read without really spending time

Organic Farms

comprehending the entire bill. Who would be against food safety??? It will mean no farmers markets, no growing your own food, no collection of rain water. Even how you grow your own food. The government will own it all. You will be fed the food they give you and we already know it is full of pesticides, genetically modified and eventually intent on killing you. And please remember Congress tells us that this is for your own safety.  But we need to stop this bill. It is a danger to your health and freedom.

This bill will wipe out our farmers. Our organic farmers who have worked so hard to keep our food free of chemicals and pesticides. This will make sure you can’t reclaim water. You can’t live without water, and we already know there are steroids and toxins in our water supply.

“It is a 1003 page bill including everything from imposing beach control to locking up hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands into wilderness.  Representative Doc Hastings of Washington



State says the cost to the taxpayers will be $18 BILLION DOLLARS” states Fred Kelly Grant in his article  “Reids Back-Alley Tactics Revive Omnibus Land Bill.”

Senator Reid has yet again donned his Little Red Riding hood cape and snuck this into congress. We must make sure this bill does not get passed and that you see what is REALLY in this bill. Stand up and be heard. Stop this bill!

Be The Change!