bleu cheese

bleu cheese

For those of you like myself who LU-Uh-Uh-oooove Bleu Cheese and have a very heavy like for Cauliflower, this is a must. At least in my humble opinion. I don’t know why I was craving Cauliflower…yeah ….cauliflower …not a common craving for me, but there you have it. I was craving it and soup, and decided a chunky batch of cheesy cauliflower soup was in order.  I really swung by the seat of my pants on this one, as I just threw in what might work. And I am pleased to admit…….she says blushing…..but hey Mikey liked it!! A professional chef is rolling their eyes at me right now, but I never



said I was a great chef. Just like it now and again…..a lot!

Lots of blue cheese mind you and surprisingly a vegan base really caught me off guard. So did the boys being sick the entire week and throwing up every hour, but life has that flare sometimes! Suuuu-prise surprise!

Here’s all I did:

1 head of cauliflower chopped into small pieces

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 small onion chopped finely

4 -5 cups purified water

2 teaspoons of Vegebase

1 1/2 cups half & half



4 Tablespoons flour

4 tablespoons butter

Loads of chunks of bleu cheese, don’t be shy!

In large sauce pan add the olive oil and chopped onion and saute until onion is transparent. Add chopped cauliflower, vegebase and purified water. Simmer on low until combined. In a separate saute pan melt butter and then slowly add flour and mix to make a roux. Once smooth, thick and creamy slowly add the half & half, and season with salt and pepper. I probably didn’t have to do this step, but I wanted creamy without a lot of milk cream. Make sure that you keep this on very low. You don’t want the creaminess to over cook or it will curdle and look so less appealing.

Top with the blue cheese, Parmesan sticks, or croutons, toasted pine nuts, or bacon or a multitude of toppings. Whatever your heart desires. I stuck with the bleu cheese and highly recommend.

You can also put this in the blender to get a really creamy texture, but for once I was wanting to bite into this and really taste bits of cauliflower. It was like a vegetable soup texture which is what I was aiming for with the cauliflower being a bit al dente. But, suit yourself. Good to the last drop! No kidding.

Cauliflower Soup with Blue Cheese

Cauliflower Soup with Blue Cheese

I wore my Napa apron….it had been awhile and it was so memorable. Especially with the holiday music. We were definitely in a classical mood.

Bon Appetit!