Markets are about to Open

Farmers Markets here we come.

One of my favorite Market bags is my Midnight Garden. The fabric was one of the remnants that I scored (probably at Britex)  and then I lined the inside with a dark nylon to cut down on the appearance of dirt and stains. Most importantly, the nylon eliminated plastic bags on the inside too!

While I have been to many farmers markets, I am still amazed that each one of the vendors booth has a huge supply of “plastic” bags for customers. Um-isn’t there more to just buying local, like an awareness of all of our habits? Environmental impact should be surgically attached.

Although Washington has not caught up with California on their plight to eliminate or ban plastic bags, I can’t get my head around the fact that most folks don’t really care, or don’t feel it necessary to purge this habit.

I continue to startle my cashiers and receive oddball looks when I mention a contest to generate some cute publicity for being a one of a kind market of no plastic. Hmmm, I realize that a lot of work goes into those markets, with often little or great financial benefits for their efforts, so one more criteria for sales becomes an irritant.

Wish me luck in this 2010 summer season to see if I can make a great impact in the Pacific Northwest and reduce plastic, carbon emissions and reluctant green bees! I encourage you to pass this suggestion on to your local markets. If you get a sour look, you can tell them it was my idea~;-)

Til then, enjoy the glorious spring in full bloom.