Lollipop Apron for children

Lollipop Apron

I am often complimented on my Lollipop line of aprons. At my shows, I am always so tickled at the response I get to my little story about how they were created. So, here is the subtle story of how the Lollipops were created. Of which I honestly can take no credit!

Once upon a time a seamstress was patiently working away at trying to make everyone aware of and responsible for the amount of garbage that they created each and every day. As she began her market bag line to help ease everyone off of their addiction to plastic and paper towels; share her love of feeding friends and family organic and healthy food and her Luh- love of entertaining, she also started making some aprons. OK, my boyfriend asked me to make an apron for the Mill Valley film festival coming into town (next to my boutique), but I am still trying to save the planet so work with me on this one for now. ;-)

(Then there’s me constantly saying “oh my god, if you told me I would start a sewing business 10 years ago…..I would have said shoot me now!” )

But I digress. Let’s get back to Lollipops. When I started so innocently with the apron line, I made a cute little ruffle apron. When you cut out the ruffle for the ruffle apron you are left with a lovely large circle, which left me pondering what to do with it.

Is it a Huge Pot Holder?….(see photo)….no.  A Bib for babies?…….no.   Is it a hot pad for hot plates?…..NO! So, what I came up with using other parts of the scraps was the Lollipop apron. Mostly because it was to continue the theme of recycle and reuse. What evAhhhh you do, don’t put the scraps of fabric in the garbage can. Ever.;-(

Taking the big circle and building upon it, it evolved into a darling little ditty for my children’s line. But I couldn’t stop at just that.

My scraps also go into the dog beds I make for the shelters and/or donate to Auctions to raise money for those hundreds of selfless humans who take it upon themselves to foster and adopt homeless animals.

Nothing should ever go into the trash can. That is the story of how I designed my Lollipop Line. Thanks for asking!

Now I meant these cute little ditty’s to be for my children’s line. But I have to tell you that my 20 something year old gals are as cute as can be when they are in love, finding a way into that special man’s heart and buy these beauties. Say no more, say no more.

I ask for no details, just what they prepared for dinner and dessert. 

The name lollipops? Well I had to come up with something cute and it works for me.

The kitchen is truly one of the most favorite rooms in the castle. Don’t you agree?

Warm and cozy for sure. Bon Appetit.

Lollipops in Production

Lollipops in Production