Snagged this idea from http://www.Tastespotting.com (oh, how unusual Kathleen) and it is a great way to serve Potatoes. Soooo easy. I love potatoes, especially if they are easy, aren’t loaded with too many extras and are as healthy and natural as possible. Remember, buy local whenever you can. 

(PLUS, there is a movement coming up in early April to buy only AMERICAN MADE ITEMS! We can do this. For only two days, it will be an awesome statement to make to congress.) I will write about that more soon. But for now, my Washington grown spuds are easy, tasty and perfectly yummy.

Here’s all I did:

Thinly slice your potatoes just close enough to the bottom but not through. Take some good olive oil and drizzle through the slices. Salt and pepper. (I am heavy on the sea salt) Bake for an hour in a 350˚ oven. I also baked some eggplant at the same time, but you could bake another pie or something so you are using the grid with a two for one use!! Always good to stay off the grid. 

You can garnish you potatoes with anything your heart desires, but the nice thing about this example is that it is like a home made potato chip and a good spud all in one. As you can see I like mine crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. But you can make yours any way you like. Thanks Tastespotting.

I wore my Napa Mini as no mixing was involved and served with a lovely salad with blue cheese and almonds. Perfect.
Bon Appetit!