What’s not to love about lemons? Today, a noteworthy honorable mention for the lemon tree.

The Lemon tree even has a song derived for it’s dual personality. And one of the things I miss most about my backyard is my magnificent lemon tree.

Lemon oils have so many uses that I could go on for days about the properties, (and I do in some of my blogs) but for today we will keep it to the medicinal and beauty elements of one of my favorite fruits.
I probably buy more lemons than any other fruit, though oranges and mangos are a close second. Lemons are an intoxicating clean and uplifting fragrance that one smell turns an entire room into a day of sunshine, even if it’s raining outside. (Close your eyes and your in Greece!)
Essential oils from lemons are a wonderful aid to concentration and cognition. Lemon is antibacterial, antiseptic and great for sore throats.  As the ancients have used for many years, lemon is a number one choice for colds, and flu like symptoms.  Hair rinse, sunburns are just a few to mention as well.

Here is one little Energy spray that you can use all around the house, at bedtime or for a great bath.
Energy Spray
1 drop Lavender
4 drops Lemon
3 drops Orange
2 drops Rosemary

Mix the oils into 3 cups of water and spray around your home and work area for an uplifting scent.
Even my dogs love this smell, and that’s saying a lot for hunting dogs.
List your favorite lemon dishes or uses. Tomorrow I will blog my favorite lemon tart. A true party favorite.

Off to market I go for some organic lemons, toting my favorite Post Cards market bag.

Au revoir.