Why are polka dots so darn happy??? While working on the Valentine collection for 2010 I remembered one of the original fabrics that got me started with my first handbags. I, being an itty bitty petite thingy, generally steer away from prints of any kind and anything even remotely large. BUT, designing hand bags and market bags have a no holds barred like lottery effect for my fabric choices!

Once the bags got into production, I realized how happy the dots not only turned out, but the effect on those customers who gravitated towards them. They were bubbly gals and guys and definitely children! Hmmm, kinda saying a lot, with a dot!

Why is a circle so happy? Does it remind us of something……solar, jewelry, or maybe even halo-ish? Hmmm, who cares when it puts a smile on faces!  And it is sooo guaranteed.

Hence, I can’t make them fast enough. Oh and hey,  last year, one of my aprons became the treasure hunt hiding places for a wedding proposal. You bet. Some lovely young man gave his girlfriend who loved to cook one of my aprons, and hid the ring in the apron pocket!! Loved the very unsuspecting and safe hiding place!!

So, not only are they happy, those little dots, but they can also be very romantic!!!

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